Mechanized Forest Equipment Operator

The Mechanized Forest Equipment Operator program is designed to prepare students for entry level positions as mechanized forest equipment operators. The program covers:

The WHMIS and GHS Program

WorkSafeNB Essential Skills

Fundamentals of Electrical Systems & Hydraulics

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Mechanized Forestry Equipment Operator (MFEO) Introduction

This lesson introduces the Mechanized Forestry Equipment Operator and an introduction to forestry history.

Mechanized Forestry Equipment Operator (MFEO) Simulator

Learn machine controls, how to handle machines without damage, how to prevent residual damage and how to solve problems.

Worksafe NB

This lesson teaches you to work safely, human impact of workplace accidents and how to adopt the internal responsibility system.


This course will define WHMIS and TDG, describe the hazard groups, identify and describe pictograms, and identify WHMIS supplier labels.

Intro to BMPS

This lesson teaches you how to identify trees, learn about NB forest statistics, buffers and Forestry SOP's.

Forestry BMPS Site Assessments

This lesson covers MFEO assessments, maps, forest products, industry conversion tables and compasses.

Forest Equipment Operator Safe Work

This lesson covers tips to be a healthy & safe operator and how to safely perform repairs and maintenance.

Forestry Equipment Operations

The Forestry Equipment Operations lesson introduces the PONSSE Cut to Length and Cut to Length harvesting methods.

Forestry Equipment Computers

This lesson covers the Ponsse Information System, harvester head tilts, OPTI calibration and diameter measuring.

Forest Equipment Maintenance

This lesson will cover how a diesel engine works, harvester head adjustments and other forest equipment maintenance.